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You'll find three types of testimonial on this page. If you're new to yoga or kundalini yoga check the drop down click boxes directly below for insights & feedback that may help answer your questions. The other testimonials are from yoga students, clients & organisations. 

Sarah Ockenden

Chief Operating Officer

Partner Itad.

Rina Bailey

Criminal Law Barrister & Co Founder Dottie's Oils


Bryony Osborn

Founder & MD, Boucha Komboucha

Imogen, SEN Education 

The Practice Kundalini Yoga

Find out what people say about their experiences. 

My wife and daughter regularly attend Zoé's classes. Faced with burn-out, I attended Zoé's classes with them.

I knew nothing about yoga. I discovered another way to recharge my batteries, to calm myself and to regain my self-confidence.

Zoé now accompanies us through these different sessions. I could almost say that she is part of the family! At the end of each session there is a message of well-being and a positive vision of the future. It's a real gift!

Thank you very much, Zoé, for your good mood, your peace of mind and for sharing your knowledge. You are one of those people who change the world. Sat Nam.


Yves Van Bogaert, Belgium.

'I started doing Kundalini Yoga to improve my spiritual connection but I found that it also released so much. It allows a wonderful deep inner connection, it eases stress and anxiety, and boosts self-perception and self-appreciation.

Zoe glows with her passion, enthusiasm and love for teaching Kundalini Yoga.

She makes it so welcoming and accessible to everyone. It’s a gift to see her smile and absorb the information and energy she shares each month.

I couldn’t imagine life without Kundalini Yoga or Zoe for that matter! Highly recommend!'

Melinda Annear, Kinesiologist.

My daughter, husband and I started yoga in April 20 during lockdown following a discovery evening. We had already practiced other yoga classes such as hatha and vinyasa yoga. Kundalini yoga is different again. It provides an awakening of the energy of the body and the spirit.

Zoe's classes are different each time and they cleanse a different organ of the body. When you practice this type of joga in the morning, you can get through the day without feeling tired.

The videos that Zoe sends us every month also allows us to do a regular morning session in order to get my body moving and to allow it to flow more freely. 

Zoe transmits a lot of positive energy, enthusiasm, love of our higher self and love of others. 

Aurore Van Bogaert, Belgium.

"This yoga has calmed my whole being and given me a sense of peace and the feeling of being able to tackle anything that comes my way."

Helen York, Retired


"The class is more than just exercise or relaxation."

Sally Robinson, Garden Designer 



“Every class is different but always has Zoe’s natural down-to-earth energy so you feel comfortable.”

Guy Downing

"Love feeling the energy move through my body."

Bryony Osborn, CEO Boucha  Kombouch

“Kundalini made me want to push through unseen barriers & consequently feel liberated and very “happy.”

Melanie Glover 



"Felt on another planet."

Hayley, Founder Tonic House. 


Zoe's Kundalini classes are just magic. She offers space and support for an individual yoga experience. I love her energy, the wisdom she shares and how she combines the knowledge from being a yoga teacher and a health coach.
I am a yoga teacher myself and appreciate her mindful approach to yoga. I always feel seen and like that she differentiates between activating morning and restorative evening classes.
That makes her teachings a perfect beginning and end of the day. I can so recommend her teachings, you will feel awesome after each session.
Eva Kather, Germany 
Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Breathwork Healer
I started doing yoga with Zoe pre-lockdown in Brighton. I am so pleased she made such a seamless transition to Zoom, bringing her empathy and intuition to the wide-screen!
I really value her monthly subscription to all the classes. The subscription and the ability to drop-in online when I am available is fantastic.

John Craddock

After experiencing a life changing Kundalini awakening and overcoming a lifetime of chronic, but undiagnosed illnesses and pain, Zoe’s classes have re-centrered, re-calibrated and refocused my practise and my purpose.
The practise has reconnected me to a sense that I already have all the solutions to my own problems, and when explored in safe community I feel resilient and powerful to take charge of my life at large.
Zoe has been insightful and sensitive to my physical challenges around injury and fluctuating capabilities and I have never felt I was missing out by having to mix up a pose to meet my changing needs.
The practise is an invaluable part of my routine now and I carry its benefits throughout my week as I integrate the lessons into my daily life.

Zoe Carletide

Co-Creator Testimonials

“Zoe worked with a client team (Kerry's) drawn from a wide background and experience – not only covering technical and marketing – but also a wide spread of ages.  Her natural style, and intuitive approach is backed by a depth and rigour of thinking that both inspired and brought inspiration to the group in achieving the objectives.  I would not hesitate to invite her again to input to a creative workshop”
- Caroline Cutress, Leap Consulting


" My cohort within The Sleep Super Power Academy received an amazing Kundalini Session from Zoe.  We couldn't have asked for a better experience.  
Some of the people were a little nervous about doing Yoga due to various ailments but Zoe gathered all the information before hand and planned the session meticulously whilst allowing for options and on the fly workarounds.  
She was highly knowledgable, relaxed and encouraging.  We all left the session floating on air and feeling revived for the day ahead.  
I would highly recommend Zoe as a Kundalini Yoga teacher as she is focused, compassionate and also respects the lineage.. "
- Sally Garozzo 
Award Winning RTT Hypnotherapist 
" Zoe is an inspiration and her continued passion and support for the wellbeing of students and young people is infectious.
Zoe understands that University and the systems in place within education can effect the wellbeing of the student.  
Zoe is a passionate advocate that wellbeing should be central to University life.  Zoe came to the session wanting to share simple, accessible tips the students could practice and use, daily to support their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.
She shared techniques like breathwork and simple meditation tips with ease and clear guidance and created a safe and accessible space. I took part in the session & found it useful too!  "
Kristian Humble
Associate Professor in Law and Law Programme Leader, University of Greenwich
“ Zoe delivered a fantastic experiential wellbeing session as a prelude to the final day of the Association of Law Teachers’ Annual Conference 2021.
The inclusive and interactive session proved an excellent start to the day, providing conference delegates with a range of techniques to help them feel calm, improve focus and energise themselves for the day ahead. ”
Christopher Umfreville,
Co-Chair Organising Committee, Association of Law Teachers' Conference 2021. Lecurer in Law.
“ Having worked with Zoe in her lecturing days, I know what a bright and positive person she is. I invited Zoe to the University of Greenwich to talk to our law students about coping with anxiety during the pandemic.
Zoe spent time in the online session explaining relaxation techniques, including breathing exercises. Zoe empathised with the students and allowed them to accept their emotions to the lockdown as natural, as opposed to abnormal.
The student feedback was extremely positive. I know that many really benefited from the session and felt calm and refreshed as a result. Thank you Zoe! ”  
Carol Withey,
Principle Lecturer in Law, School of Law, University of Greenwich.


Zoe fizzes like one of those energy tablets when you put them in water. Her impact on you is immediate and whatever your mood was before, it will be 100% better after meeting her. As a friend giving advice on health and fitness and emotional well-being, she is thorough, detailed and caring in her recommendations.
As the health and well-being editor for www.itsalawyerslife.com she is meticulous in researching what she writes before she puts it out to the world. Her enthusiasm for her role as a well-being coach and guide is infectious: you find yourself wanting to try some strange looking concoction simply because Zoe recommends it. And she will only recommend it if she can attest to its working, from personal experience.
At Itsalawyerslife we call Zoe the wellbeing Queen. Long may she reign.


- Rehna Azim 
Barrister. Founder It's a Lawyers Life 

Co- Creator 

" Zoe inspired a team who are used to working on the development of meals to think beyond not just what we eat but why and how. Sharing her immense knowledge in a very accessible way inspired our client to think differently about how they could help their consumers get more from their meals than simply a tasty experience.  I look forward to future opportunities to partner with Zoe again to inspire others to generate new ideas from the refreshing perspectives she shares. "
Nina Aggarwal 
Global MD, Fusion Learning Ltd

Sally Robinson, Garden Designer.

Helen York


Hannah Fox

Self-Love Yoga Teacher


Founder Tonic House,

Massage Therapist & Reflexologist 

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